About Us

Why choose Canopy Mortgage? 

We think getting a home loan shouldn't be intimidating or overwhelming. That's why we're focusing on the benefits that matter most to our clients.  

User Friendly Tech

Enjoy the convenience of the latest in technology - which makes the loan process a breeze! Easily upload docs from the convenience of your mobile phone, tablet or computer & see real-time loan progress 24/7. 

Fast & Efficient

Once your information is in our system the whole process can be managed and tracked with such ease it’s almost impossible to mess up. Oh, and it will save you time. Rest assured, you'll close on time!

Exceptional Service

At Canopy Mortgage, we don't just hire any 'ol Loan Officer. We've head-hunted industry top talent, then hand picked those who genuinely care about what matters most: Their clients' needs. Canopy Loan Officers care.

Excellent Pricing

Our flat org structure & tech creates incredible efficiencies! Canopy has fine tuned the process to lower overhead operating costs...That means BIGGER SAVINGS for our clients through great rates & low fees.  


We're up for the challenge!

For years the mortgage industry has lagged behind technological trends, stuck in the past and costing consumers unnecessary time and money. Canopy Mortgage was created to offer loan officers and consumers a better way to lend. We offer easy-to-use and nimble technology to manage every step of the mortgage process.


Gone are the layers of poorly interfacing programs, unnecessary costs added by a bloated management structure, and little control throughout the loan process. At Canopy Mortgage we’ve created a technical infrastructure and blended the best of retail, wholesale, and direct-to-consumer mortgages to create a streamlined process that’s quick, easy, and cheap - all while cutting out the downsides of traditional lending.

Canopy Mortgage eliminated the extra layers of people who take a cut of each deal – all those middle managers who increase costs but do nothing to actually help you.

Meet The Team

Canopy Mortgage Founders

Co-Founders: Aaron Brown (CEO) & Jeff Reeves (CTO)

We've integrated state of the art technology, creating a faster, easier, and more cost-effective platform that offers everything you could want during the loan process. Canopy automatically shops and streamlines your mortgage. This means lower costs, quicker turn-around. AND - we offer tech to help you throughout the experience.  Our tools and processes make direct-to-consumer mortgages appealing while still allowing for personal touch from the Loan Officer.  Our lower overhead operating costs means BIGGER SAVINGS for our clients through great rates & low fees. 

Where can you find Canopy?

The Canopy Mortgage corporate office is located in Lindon, Utah.


Canopy Mortgage, LLC

360 S Technology Ct Suite 200

Lindon, UT 84042 


We have a fast growing network of Loan Officers and Independent offices who are licensed to do loans all over the Nation. We're everywhere except New York.

Better Price

Canopy provides Loan Officers with better compensation & better pricing for customers

More Control

Cut out the middle men. No one between the Loan Officer & the executive team.

Better Tech

Proprietary LOS gives Loan Officers total control & comprehensive visibility.