Better pricing.

We trim the fat so everyone gets a better deal

Better Pricing for Clients

Service or price? Why not give your clients both? 

Better Comp for LO’s

Canopy cuts out layers of middle management. 

When you trim the fat, everyone gets a better deal.

Better for Customers

Our flat org structure & tech creates profitability on lower margins. Lower overhead means bigger SAVINGS you can pass along to your clients. 


Your clients deserve exceptional service and a great price. Canopy is the perfect solution to maintain a competitive advantage, especially with market compression!

Take our pricing engine for a spin!

Better for Loan Officers

We’re not joking when we say we’re trimming the fat. How many executives are stuffing their pockets with your commissions right now? 


Canopy isn’t burdened by legacy costs at corporate. That means fewer people between you and your commissions. 


Producing Loan Officers who make the move to Canopy are taking home a BIGGER piece of pie!