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Our headquarters are based in the Rockies

Lindon, UT - USA

360 Technology Ct Suite 200

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A better way to lend.

Here's what LO's are saying:

Canopy Mortgage will change the way you do business.


"My customers know exactly what's going at any point in the process"

Better Pricing

"Better Technology for both me and my clients"

Amazing Tech

"Easy to use, automated & super intuitive"

Why did you make the move the Canopy?  

Transparent Low Rates, Great Technology (the platform that I’ve always wanted) User friendly for my customers. Help my realtor partners with technology that enables fast and easy quotes & scenarios that nobody else has to offer. 

How has the comp structure helped your business?

I’ve always wanted to be really skinny - and to be able to offer that to the consumer. The comp plan has allowed me to keep my rates really low …the place that I was before I would loose a number of loans when it really had nothing to do with me (a lot of people are really price sensitive here in Utah) But at Canopy I haven't lost a loan because of that.

What do you love about the technology?  

One of the things that I’ve loved the most is the Scenarios. With Canopy’s technology  you can easily show your client many different options. For example, I was working with a realtor who wanted to look at options with a huge down payment vs a 20% down payment. And within only a few minutes I was able to show her pricing & down payment options to answer all her questions. And for me this is the most amazing tool.  You can go on and look and see where the client is when it comes to ratios, you can run DU right on there, but then you can also run scenario DU’s based on whatever the client is looking for …and it doesn’t hurt the main pull when you’re done.

Why do you think a loan officer should make the switch to Canopy?  

I wanted to find a home where I can really offer the best. And that’s why I’m here.