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Our mission is to create a better mortgage experience that sets a new standard for the industry. We're doing this by leveraging innovative technology, offering competitive pricing, and developing strong relationships with our clients. We believe that by working together as a team, we can make a real impact and change the game in the mortgage world. And we'd like to extend an invitation to you to be a part of this passionate and dedicated team.

What matters more to you?

Better Pricing

We cut the fat out of retail: Most retail mortgage banks are burdened with too many layers of middle management, and have too many people involved in the loan process. 

Our flat organizational structure - where there's no one between the loan officer and the executive team - cuts out all the fat. And that leads to some of the best pricing in the industry. Price like a broker without the hassle and randomness of being a broker.

Better Technology

This ain't your grandma's tech: Some lenders just keep buying the "latest and greatest" point of sale system and then layer it on top of an old, bloated LOS like Encompass. And not surprisingly, the tech they keep buying has done little to really move the needle in making the loan process less expensive and faster. 

Not here. We built our own proprietary technology from front to back. One system. Massive efficiencies. Beautifully designed. One of our loan officers was able to close 128 deals in one month with our tech. A processor has been able to process 113 deals in one month. Our borrowers love our stuff and so do our people. We're anxious to show you a demo of our tech.

More Control

It's okay to be OCD: Canopy offers control in a way that no other lender can. One seamless process to give you more control on everything including compensation to pricing.  

Sending LE's & CD's with the click of a button keeps you in the drivers seat. Our tech does all the "heavy lifting" to keep everyone in compliance.  No more worthless "mega marketing" initiatives from corporate. You decide how your marketing dollars are spent.

Here's what LO's are saying:

Canopy Mortgage will change the way you do business.


"My customers know exactly what's going at any point in the process"

Better Pricing

Compete on price & keep your comp in tact.

Amazing Tech

Easy to use, automated & super intuitive.

Where can you find Canopy?

Canopy Mortgage corporate office is located in Lindon Utah.


We have a fast growing network of Loan Officers and Independent offices who are licensed to do loans in the majority of the Nation. Everywhere except NY


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