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  • "I started looking for a home in 2021 and Nathan was highly recommended. I started working with Nathan and quickly understood that he knew this business inside and out. He stuck with me while I wavered over 2 plus years being ready to buy a home. When we reached the finish line, Nathan was thorough and knowledgeable. I recommend Nathan wholeheartedly, he knows what he is doing!"

    —Tobin Mussen

  • "Nate is as professional as they come! My wife and I were working through the news of expecting our first and Nate supported us by keeping the tasks clear, easy, and organized! All the while, he and his team were dedicated to building a trusting relationship and fostered comfort & confidence through the decision-making process! Nate’s responsiveness and industry knowledge is unmatched, jumping on the phone at a moment’s notice to clarify any questions we had. Thank you Nate & the Canopy Mortgage Team, we are now happy Homeowner’s and ready to bring our little one into this world with a home!"

    —Ty Peacock

  • "Nathan was great in every sense of the word. Not only did he respond to our initial inquiry within an hour of being posted from our real-estate agent, but he was also truthful upfront about everything we would expect going into the process. My wife and I had been through the beginning of this process twice before we met Nate. I wish we would have found him from the get-go, but it all worked out as it should. He was there with us from step one and kept us updated on every single movement in the process. He was quick, gracious with his time, and helpful to the last. I've already recommended him to several people I know who will be looking in the near future in our area, I would recommend his services to you as well. Thank you again Nate, it was a pleasure working with you on this! Check out his services today!"

    —Christopher Shields

  • "Outstanding Service! Claudia Zepeda from Yakima, WA Nathan and his team did an AMAZING job! They were able to close out the deal on our home in under 20 days. 20 days! that’s well under a month, who else do you know that can beat that? This has been the easiest and stress free home buy experience ever. I would definitely recommend you contact Nathan for your next home purchase. Undeniably a 10/10."

    —Claudia Zepeda

  • "My experience working with Nathan on my first home purchase and as a rookie investor was seamless and ideal. Nathan is a great communicator and accepted to mentor me into the whole process, answered all my questions, managed my anxieties with calm and professionalism, and was very available in and out of business hours to work through each step of the deal, over email, text, and voice. I couldn't hope for a better business partner in Nathan and am looking forward to work with him again on my next investment, as he is licensed nation-wide. I highly recommend Nathan for your home buying and lending needs! Thank you, Nathan! You made this whole deal so easy!"

    —Alexandre Scriabine

  • "Working with Nathan was easy and quick. I could not ask for a better experience in helping me with my purchase long distance. Easy to communicate and send him my documents. Quick communication; I actually was slower than Nathan!"


  • "Nathan is "THE BROKER" you want to use! He is Professional, courteous and excellent at what he does! His communication and follow through added so much value! With Nathans help we were able to get the right loan at a very competitive rate. I would highly recommend Nathan to anyone looking to purchase or refinance!"

    —Jason Smith

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