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  • "I've used Devan for a couple of refinances and could not have asked for a better experience. I not only got the best rate out there, Devan did an amazing job of keeping me informed on the status and made the whole process extremely easy. I've referred friends and family to Devan and they've had a similar experience. If you're on the fence about it, give him a try, you'll be glad you did."

    —Brad Hardle

  • "I’ve used DoubleCheckMyRate now on 2 loans, one refinance. I’ve recommended them to a few of my friends & family and they’ve used them. And without a doubt every single time, their rate has been the lowest. I’ve certainly shopped them to other people and no one’s been able to beat their rate. In addition to being the lowest rate, it’s always been a super smooth process from start to finish, really helpful, so I urge everybody to give DoubleCheckMyRate a chance, let them give you a quote and you won’t be disappointed."

    —Brad Boardman

  • "I have an independent insurance agency so I know what it’s like to have people shop rates. I also understand the value of being able to provide an unbiased opinion and not be tied to just one option. So when I needed to refinance, I went to, I was confident they’d be competitive. They made the process very simple, I didn’t need to provide much information at all just to get a quote and as I moved forward I saw how competitive their rate was, made the decision easy, and they were excellent. So I highly recommend DoubleCheckMyRate."

    —Tyler Bell

  • "I highly recommend Devan & We love seeing the pricing and rates online and being able to find the terms that worked best for us. No surprise costs or fees. I shopped around and it really was the cheapest. Our loan officer responded quickly to any questions I had, and we were even able to refinance our home and an investment property at the same time and with most of the same paperwork. It was simple and at the best price around."

    —Mindy Taylor

  • "I’ve worked with DoubleCheckMyRate a few times now and in both cases they delivered the lowest rate I could find. The first refinance, Devan helped me reduce my mortgage payment by $975/month. The second refi consolidated a HELOC, and he still dropped my payment by $300/month. The technology made it easy and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer them to my friends & family. Devan is phenomenal to work with, walked us through this process painlessly. Not only that, Devan proactively reached out to me when he could provide additional value and savings. Awesome to work with."

    —Chris Doerflein

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