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  • "I am very pleased with the great work and support that Chris id with recent home purchase.He was very approachable and ready to help at any moment.With in three weeks of time he finished entire my documentation process and gave clearance to title company which was amazing with current situations.And the help did by Chris day before the closure is unforgettable, I was not feeling well due to some health issues, immediately he stepped up and provided all the options what I have to finish the closing process from home itself with any in person contact by making all the changes required for e-signature with in couple of hours.As I said he has complete knowledge on the work he do and always willing to help if we have any questions and doubts.I highly recommend Chris and his team."

    —Ganesh Devendran

  • "I would like to appreciate the great work that Chris did with my recent purchase. We only had less than a month to close. Given the current market conditions, many of my friends suggested that it is a tough ask. When I started to narrow down on the lenders, Chris was the only one who was easily approachable and confidently said that he can get it to closing on-time. In fact, one other nationwide lender did challenge that and told me its impossible to close as per the closing date mentioned in the contract since its less than.a month and also we had Thanks Giving Holidays during that Window. I went ahead with Chris since he promised that he can get this closed on-time. Chris and his team did a wonderful job in providing daily updates and following up closely to get additional documents and working with all the parties to ensure that we are able to get to the closing table as planned. It was an awesome service because I not only received better rates and terms but also was able to close with just about 20 business days between getting into contract to actual closing. I highly recommend Chris and Canopy Mortgage!"


  • "Christos Peter was amazing to work with!! We just wanted a quick refi to capture a better rate and to keep the process super simple. That's exactly what happened! We got an amazing rate (I shopped him pretty hard and he was still the best) and I felt like his team did basically everything for me. Amazing process and I'll be using Christos again in the future when I plan on buying a new home."

    —William James Schell

  • "The best rate I could find and such an easy process. His team worked seamlessly in the background to get the loan done and I never gave the process a single thought. SO EASY."

    —William James Schell

  • "I've always thought that buying a house could be one of the most stressful things a person would go through - but my experience with Chris Peter has made me change my mind. Overall, Chris made the process easy to navigate even for a real novice. He was always responsive and answered my emails very quickly. Patient when answering any question that I had - even if I had already asked it a zillion ways. Chris made sure I understood the process and helped me stay informed of what I needed to do and what was coming up. I really appreciate all his help and would highly recommend him."

    —Marcia L Hughey

  • "Chris was professional, enthusiastic, and a great wealth of knowledge to us throughout our prequalification and mortgage process. He was very insightful and always checked in at every point to make sure things were running smoothly. Highly recommend!"

    —Michael Maddox

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