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The mortgage sales team is dedicated to providing personalized and comprehensive mortgage solutions to meet the unique financial needs of each client, while delivering exceptional customer service and guiding them through the loan process with ease.

Mortgage Sales Team

Enjoy your work while you thrive and advance your career.

  • Sales Manager
  • Loan Officer
  • Loan Officer Assistant
  • Recruiting
Sales Manager
Sales Manager

On track for success

The responsibilities of our branch manager include managing branch revenue and expenses, oversee the day-to-day affairs of the branch by providing professional development for their employees and setting goals throughout the year based on the team's performance to date. They also review reports on branch success and transfer those insights into realistic and measurable goals to help drive both branch and company success.

Loan Officer

Loan Officer

Keep a good thing going

Our Loan Officers help potential borrowers apply for home loans. They assist borrowers in finding the appropriate financial product for their dream home and ensure borrower eligibility to proceed with the loan application and evaluate the best option for them. Our loan officers may work independently in their own branch, as part of our corporate team, or as part of a branch.

Loan Officer Assistant

Loan Officer Assistant

Keep the ball rolling

Our loan officer assistants (LOA) work hand-in-hand with our loan officers to help borrowers through the loan application process. Often the first point of contact after the loan officer, LOAs act as a guide for our borrowers answering questions and providing guidance to help them into their new home.


LO Recruiting

Seeking the best candidates

Our recruiters select the most qualified loan officer candidates by screening resumes, attending and conducting interviews, overseeing preparation of interview questions, and other hiring/ selection tasks. Additionally, they work closely with the HR and training team to successfully onboard new loan officers, helping them understand the vision, mission, and values of Canopy Mortgage, while simultaneously preparing new recruits up for success.


Our mission is to create a better mortgage experience that sets a new standard for the industry. We're doing this by leveraging innovative technology, offering competitive pricing, and developing strong relationships with our clients. We believe that by working together as a team, we can make a real impact and change the game in the mortgage world. And we'd like to extend an invitation to you to be a part of this passionate and dedicated team.