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Looking For A Better Way?

We’ve created a better way to lend.

Better pricing, better tech & better compensation for loan officers.

When you trim the fat, everyone gets a better deal.

Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to originate loans? We have. That’s why we created Canopy Mortgage. We’re currently expanding our national network of loan officers who agree that it’s about time for a change. 

Better Compensation

We’re not joking when we say we’re trimming the fat. How many executives are stuffing their pockets with your commissions right now?  Canopy isn’t burdened by legacy costs at corporate. That means fewer people between you and your commissions. 

Better Tech

Our all-in-one technology can take an application, do disclosures, and send everything on to underwriting without hopping back and forth between programs. Once a borrowers information is in the system the whole process can be managed and tracked with such ease it’s almost impossible to mess up. Oh, and it will save you time.

Better for Customers

Our flat org structure & tech creates profitability on lower margins. Lower overhead means bigger SAVINGS you can pass along to your clients.  Your clients will also enjoy the convenience of the latest in technology – which makes the loan process a breeze!

More Control

Both you and your clients will have access to the my account page. This page has a borrower checklist which is dynamically updated with any outstanding conditions. Plus your borrowers can upload docs from the convenience of their mobile phones. Close on time, every time!


What Loan Officers Are Saying


“Canopy Mortgage’s unwavering support, groundbreaking tech, and commitment to low cost have driven massive transformation.”

E. Lee Smith

Branch Manager


“I am making much more money per loan and giving my buyers a much better price.”

Dustin Duckett

Senior Loan Officer


“We have control over all aspects of the loan process, which has been a game-changer for my team”

Frank Simons

Loan Officer & Mortgage Queen

Josh Neuarker

Director of Business Development

Call Me: 855-292-6001

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