Quick Close.

Quick Close

Borrower Resources

We've partnered with Doc Magic to deliver Quick Close. Below is brief description of how it works for our borrowers.

  • Receive Invitation: Doc Magic will send an email to all individuals on the loan to access their closing package prior to closing.
  • Validate Your Identity: You'll be asked to provide the last four digits of your social security number to validate your identity.
  • Review at your Leisure: Review and/or download all of your documents before closing. Electronic signing is not enabled until the scheduled day of closing.
  • Sign Docs: Electronically sign all eligible docs on the closing day. Sign at your PC, tablet, or phone. Anywhere. Anytime. As soon as you've signed, our team is notified and can more quickly prepare your loan for funding.
  • In-Person Meeting: Sign the small set of remaining documents at your closing appointment.

For support, contact your loan officer.