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  • "Second Chance at Homeownership: Thanks to Drew! My entrepreneurial journey involved some bumps in the road – failed ventures in Venezuela and a past mistake with the law. Throw in living abroad, and getting a mortgage felt like a fantasy. Then I met Drew. Unlike others, he saw past my history and focused on my future. Drew explained my options clearly, never judged my situation, and even fought for me with underwriters. There were hurdles – credit, paperwork, moments of doubt. But Drew remained a rock. Always available, he kept me moving forward. Finally, the dream became reality – I got approved for a mortgage! Thanks to Drew, I'm a homeowner. If you're an entrepreneur with a non-traditional past, don't give up. There are lenders who understand. They treat everyone with respect and go the extra mile. Highly recommend!"

    —Jordan Goudreau

  • "## Unexpected Hero: My Journey to Homeownership with Drew White As an entrepreneur, financial stability isn't always a given. Throw in past credit issues and living abroad for extended periods – Venezuela and Colombia in my case – securing a mortgage felt impossible. My, shall we say, "unconventional" business venture in Venezuela didn't help either. Then I met Drew. Unlike others who saw red flags, Drew saw a determined dreamer. They explained options clearly, never judged, and even fought for me with underwriters. The process wasn't smooth sailing. Credit hurdles, paperwork, and moments of doubt arose. But through it all, Drew remained a steady hand. Always available, always encouraging, they kept me moving forward. Finally, thanks to Drew’s dedication, I secured a fantastic mortgage! I'm a homeowner, and it wouldn't have happened without Drew. If you're an entrepreneur or have a non-traditional path, don't give up on homeownership. Drew gets it. He treats everyone with respect and go the extra mile for his clients. I can't recommend him enough."

    —Jordan Goudreau

  • "Drew’s communication, work ethic, and care for his clients is unmatched! If you are looking for a lender, I promise you’ve already found the one. Drew will get it done and make it as smooth as possible for you! Highly highly recommend!"

    —Johnny Allen

  • "Drew was very good at keeping me informed and answering my questions along the way during my 2 homes I’ve bought using him as my mortgage lender. As a person who over analyzes and often turns the simplest things into an absolute catastrophe in my head, Drew is like a calming ocean breeze with a gentle sunrise amidst the thunderous storm of thoughts in my mind. Highly recommend based off of my experience and Drew’s constant professionalism, character, as well as knowledge on all things mortgage."

    —Chuck Collins

  • "My family and I were having a really hard time finding a lender that would help us. Buying our first home was a really big deal, and so was using a VA Loan. From the first conversation with Drew, I appreciate posted how direct he was with me. And he was willing to work together to figure out how to get the best deal that made sense for my family long term. The amount of time that he took to get us there, was unbelievable. Previous lenders either quit on us after barely starting, or turned us away at the start. Having another veteran help us out, made all of the difference in the world. I found out recently he was a Green Beret too. Those were the toughest guys I ever met when I served. And he was just as tough and persistent helping my family. Highly recommend to any other veterans or families in need of mortgage support!!!"

    —TJ Hopkins

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