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What people are saying about

  • "Excellent service, very satisfied!"


  • "Diana was very helpful to work with when we purchased our home and she has continued to be very supportive with follow up information. We rate her a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10!"

    —Robert Morrel

  • "Canopy proved to be an excellent choice! All of my questions were answered during the process, always in a friendly and professional manner. I felt as if I was in good hands, and this made things much less stressful."

    —Don W

  • "We felt like Diana and her team had our back every step of the way- we so appreciated their expertise and constant communication throughout this process."

    —Lauren Z

  • "Very Satisfied! Diana, was amazing! She educated me along the way, and helped us get through this process through the last second."

    —Natalia O.

  • "When I was in the throes of packing and moving cross-country, I neglected to write this review—but I will never forget how fabulous it was to have Diana as my loan officer. She was totally focused and attentive to detail—and pleasant and friendly, to boot. We were under time constraints, and she made sure we met the deadline with a little time to spare. Thank you, Diana, for such wonderful service."

    —Trish Nicholson

  • "Diana Landry was amazing! She did above and beyond of what was asked and figured out every hurdle"

    —Alyssa Medina

  • "Diana made me feel so at ease throughout the entire process. She was amazing! I can’t imagine how it could have been a better experience."

    —Marcia M.

  • "Diana was fantastic! She answered every question and concern I had! She was honest and attentive throughout the whole process! I’m so glad our realtor directed us to her as she made this process as painless as possible."

    —Brittany Thomas

  • "Diana Landry provided the highest level of service and assurance through the entire process. We feel it was because of her commitment that we funded and closed our loan in such a smooth process."

    —Caroline Martin

  • "Diana was amazing through the process. In my experience after 40 years of buying homes and property she is number one in her field."

    —Samuel Long

  • "This is probably my 10th new mortgage or Refinance that I’ve gone through. By far Diana Landry and Canopy Mortgage have made this process the smoothest and with the most knowledgeable loan officer/ lender I have ever worked with. My loan portfolio is not the easiest to work with. Diana put it together with a interest rate that couldn’t be beat!! Thank You!! Dan"

    —Daniel R. Adams

  • "Diana was supportive, flexible, knowledgeable and super attentive as a lender. We were very analytical in our approach (which meant Diana was often changing preapproval letters so we could look at new homes). Honestly, she became so familiar so quickly that it felt like we were working with an old friend."

    —Billy Mitchell

  • "Very Satisfied! Quick and painless! Diana was very quick to help and answer any questions or concerns we had. Wonderful service!"

    —S. Mooney

  • "Diana was great! Always available when I had a question or needed a document. Very knowledgeable and knows the process and system. Very smooth transaction and we were ready to close early."

    —Chad H.

  • "Your team exceeded my expectations. You gave me a time schedule and you followed it exactly. There was never a delay. Rare to see."

    —M. Gray

  • "Yes they did a WONDERFUL JOB! They saved my deal in just about two weeks. Diana is amazing!"

    —Kendra Watson


    —Tim Swyhart

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