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Goal for 2022

Thank You!

Together we raised


in 2021

The goal for 2022 is to raise $100,000

Jeff & Aaron have generously agreed to another dollar for dollar donation match.


Total Amount Raised (Including Donation Match): $32,602; Goal: $100,000

4 easy ways to donate in 2022

Branch Level Donations

Yes you can make a donation from your branch.

Donate From Your Paycheck

A smaller amount from each paycheck will make a huge difference all year long.

2022 Canopy Mortgage Charity Drive

Let's Give

Thank you for your generous contributions to our Nurturing Nations charity drive last year! I had the opportunity to visit the school in person and see the positive impact of your donations. We are making a huge difference in people's lives. In 2021, our donation was big and can be even bigger this year! We're so excited to meet our goal for 2022; LET'S GO!

Aaron Brown, CEO