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Goal for 2022

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Together we raised


in 2021

The goal for 2022 is to raise $100,000

Jeff & Aaron have generously agreed to another dollar for dollar donation match.


Total Amount Raised (Including Donation Match): $0; Goal: $100,000

4 easy ways to donate in 2022

Branch Level Donations

Yes you can make a donation from your branch.

Donate From Your Paycheck

A smaller amount from each paycheck will make a huge difference all year long.

2021 Canopy Mortgage Charity Drive

Let's Give More

Thank you for your generous contributions to our charity drive last year! Jeff and I had a chance to meet with the folks at Nurturing Nations where they gave us a full accounting of who benefited from your donations. Your contributions changed lives. We’re deeply grateful for what we were able to accomplish together last year. In 2021, our donation was big and can be even bigger this year! We're so excited to meet our goal for 2022; let’s go!

Aaron Brown, CEO