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Goal for 2023

Nurturing Nations

Where do your donations go?

Beyond saving children from dire situations, your donation dollars helped to provide food, clothing, medical care, teaching facilities, and comfortable beds.

Sustaining Life

100 fish were purchased and used to stock the school pond. The pond is now able to provide a viable source of protein to sustain the students' physical development.


Donation funds were used to sew 25 school uniforms like the one you see above. The uniforms were given to children in need.

Medical Care

Three children received life-saving medical treatment for stage 4 malaria. Four more with chicken pox received medical treatment they otherwise would not have been able to afford.


The construction of the Nurturing Nations teachers’ quarters was completed with donated funds from Canopy Mortgage. 


Children at the school used to sleep on the bare floor. Your donations helped Nurturing Nations to buy 4 mattresses for the children to sleep comfortably.

More Children Need You

There are so many underprivileged children who need your help.

Rescuing Children

2020 Donations

100% of the donations Nurturing Nations received from Canopy Mortgage employees in 2020 went directly to severely underprivileged children. Learn more about how your donations changed these children’s lives.

2021 Canopy Mortgage Charity Drive

Let's Give More

Thank you for your generous contributions to our charity drive last year! Jeff and I had a chance to meet with the folks at Nurturing Nations where they gave us a full accounting of who benefited from your donations. Your contributions changed lives. We’re deeply grateful for what we were able to accomplish together last year. In 2021, our donation was big and can be even bigger this year! We're so excited to meet our goal for 2022; let’s go!

Aaron Brown, CEO

Canopy Mortgage Donation Match

$50,000 for 2023 - Let's Go!

There are multiple ways to donate to Nurturing Nations. The best part is that 100% of your donation dollars go directly to help the kids in need. Canopy Mortgage will generously match your donation to Nurturing Nations dollar-for-dollar.

Sponsor a Child

You can sponsor a child for an entire year! per day. What does it mean to sponsor a child? It only takes about $1.11 per day to give a child food, protection, education, and the chance for a  brighter future!

Custom Donation

Choose any custom amount.

Branch Level Donations

Yes you can make a donation from your branch.

Donate from Paycheck

A smaller amount from each paycheck will make a huge difference.