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Canopy Mortgage, LLC

Lindon, UT - USA

360 Technology Ct Suite 200

Our tech offers more Control.

Provide better value on every transaction

Why Choose Canopy Mortgage?

Hybrid Lending: Consumer Direct Tech, Control of Retail,

Pricing of Wholesale.

Total Control

Run your business like it's your own. Set your comp, control your pricing & never pay for things that don't directly impact your production & Profitability. 

Better Price

We've created profitability on lower margins so you can maintain an aggressive compensation plan & not have excessive corporate margins baked into your pricing.

Easy Tech

Seamless user-friendly front & back-end interfaces. Boost your productivity & provide your clients with smooth convenience. Borrowers instinctively trust the transparency & ease of modern lending.

Smaller Corporate Cut

Canopy isn’t burdened by legacy costs at corporate. Fewer salaries, bonuses & benefits at corporate means better pricing for your clients & profitability for you.

What LO's are saying:

Canopy Mortgage will change the way you do business.


"My customers know exactly what's going at any point in the process"

Better Pricing

Compete on price & keep your comp in tact.

Amazing Tech

Easy to use, automated & super intuitive.

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Our headquarters are based in the Rockies

Lindon, UT - USA

360 Technology Ct Suite 200

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